Warts on Face

Having warts on face is incredibly frustrating and embarrassing, even if they are harmless. Facial warts may appear solitary or in clusters, usually as brown and raised bumps. They come in different forms with varying growth rates. Warts are caused by a virus which can be contracted easily through direct or indirect contact. Persons with weak immune system are more vulnerable to this kind of skin problem.

People with warts on the face usually seek treatment for cosmetic purposes. There are home remedies for facial warts but these require time before the results can be seen. Besides, stubborn warts do not respond to home remedies and need more intensive medical treatment. Seeing a dermatologist for the most suitable treatment is the best way to go.

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How do warts on face develop?

Facial warts develop when a strain of the human papilloma virus invades the skin. Scratches and cuts are the primary points of entry for the HPV virus. People can catch the virus by means of direct skin to skin contact. Transmission also occurs by touching or using things and items infected by the virus. Warts on the face usually form when the immune system is weak. HPV is already present on the skin and a strong immunity prevents it from causing harm.

Facial warts are classified into two, and these are:

  • Flat warts

Children mostly suffer from flat warts which appear as flat, small and round growths with brown or yellow hues. They grow slowly, reaching around 2 millimeters in diameter. Flat warts do not spread and will disappear over time if left undisturbed.

  • Filiform warts

This form of facial wart develops in areas with thin skin such as the face, eyelids and neck. Filiform warts are long thin structures, resembling toothbrush bristles, that project from the skin. They develop much quicker than flat warts and grow up to several millimeters.

How to remove warts on face ?

There is an assortment of natural remedies for facial warts. However, sufferers should know that it may take some time to see results and they may have to try different methods before they find what works best for them. Some of the home remedies effectively used by many people in treating facial warts are tea tree oil, flaxseed-honey mixture, duct tape, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel and lemon balm oil.

Medical intervention is usually needed to remove stubborn facial warts. Treatment is usually aimed at eliminating the growths completely. Among the popular removal methods employed are:

  • Keratolysis

This procedure uses chemical agents, such as immunomodulators, formaldehyde or salicylic acid, to get rid of dead skin cells.

  • Cryosurgery

This method involves freezing the facial wart with liquid nitrogen.  The growth will eventually fall off after 3 or more sessions.

  • Laser treatment

Laser treatment could involve more invasive procedure using carbon dioxide laser or the less destructive pulse dye laser to remove facial warts.

The skin on the face is very sensitive, so care is needed to ensure that the choice of removal method for warts on face produces less scarring and does not cause irreversible damage to the skin.

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