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Tongue piercing has become a phenomenon in the recent years and youngsters and teens have gravitated towards this new trend. Tongue piercing is a kind of oral piercing that is characterized by the insertion of a barbell close to the tip of the tongue.

Every individual has his/her own reasons for getting a tongue piercing. Some teenagers feel that it will present them with a distinctive and imaginative look; some youngsters do it as a sign of rebellion against the world, particularly their parents while some others get their tongue pierced to add to their sexual allure. The reasons for getting a tongue piercing may be varied, but there is consensus among all to the fact that it really looks ‘hep’ and cool.

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However, it is essential to be aware of the fact that tongue piercing has a higher rate of infection than any other form of bodily piercing. This is due to the fact that the mouth is a storehouse of various kinds of bacteria. Individuals who do not take relevant care after getting a tongue piercing can be vulnerable to the multiplication of oral bacteria, which eventually results in an infected tongue piercing.

Hence, it is necessary to have all the information about tongue piercing, possible infections, precautions, etc. in detail before opting for the current vogue. You can look at tongue piercing pictures to see how it is done.

Symptoms of infected tongue piercing

  • Youngsters are usually not aware of the signs of an infected tongue piercing and hence instances of infected tongue piercing can become serious and lead to complications. Therefore, it is a priority to acquaint oneself with the symptoms of an infected tongue piercing, before one goes about getting a tongue piercing
  • Before the symptoms of an infected tongue piercing are listed, it is important to note that individuals may experience mild or moderate discomfort as well as some swelling in the days following a tongue piercing. Such swelling is a regular part of the natural healing course and quite normal. A few days after tongue piercing, the discomfort and the swelling automatically subside.
  • In case, the swelling does not disappear or reappears, then it may be an indicator of an infected tongue piercing.
  • In addition to the swelling, an infected tongue piercing may also result in extreme pain and increased redness of the affected area
  • A tongue piercing that is severely infected can result in the discharge of greenish or yellowish colored pus from the punctured area. On certain occasions there may be bleeding from the tongue piercing as well.

Treatment of infected tongue piercing

  • Severe cases of infected tongue piercing need to be immediately checked by a doctor else it can result in unnecessary complications.
  • Mild or moderate cases of infected tongue piercing that are accompanied by some redness and slight swelling of the affected area can be treated with home remedies.
  • One of the most basic ways to treat an infected tongue piercing is to rinse and clean the piercing, as well as the entire oral cavity.
  • However, most youngsters and individuals are not aware of the techniques of cleaning an infected tongue piercing. One of the best ways to sanitize an infected tongue piercing is to rinse the mouth with warm water that has salt added to it.
  • Individuals can also resort to using a non alcoholic and diluted mouthwash for cleaning and rinsing an infected tongue piercing.
  • It is also important to remember that individuals must never remove the jewelry when the piercing is infected. In case, one feels that the piercing has to be removed, the activity should not be performed by oneself. Only a registered piercing technician should remove the jewelry.
  • An infected tongue piercing also requires the restriction of one’s diet. Individuals who are affected by an infected tongue piercing should not consume every kind of cuisine. Foods that are acidic or increasingly spicy in nature should be avoided, as they can lead to unnecessary inflammation and irritation of the affected piercing.
  • In case, the symptoms of infected tongue piercings do not resolve with the above home remedies, then a visit to a doctor is absolutely essential. The physician may prescribe certain antibiotics for the treatment of the infected tongue piercing.

Prevention of infection from tongue piercing

  • An infected tongue piercing generally does not result in undue complications and can be easily treated with either home remedies or by a doctor. However, an infected tongue piercing is never an agreeable experience. Hence, as the saying goes, ‘prevention of an infected tongue piercing is always better than the cure’.
  • An infection of the tongue piercing is usually the result of improper aftercare. Hence, one can avoid infections of the tongue piercing by carefully following all the aftercare instructions that are given by the piercing technician.
  • Every meal or snack has to be followed by brushing of the teeth with a toothbrush that has soft bristles. This is to prevent the food particles that are stuck on the teeth from becoming the cause of tongue piercing infections.
  • Individuals can also maintain overall hygiene of the oral cavity by abstaining from oral sex and other activities such as kissing till the time the tongue piercing has healed, thereby preventing an infected tongue piercing.
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