Stress rash

Stress is not a myth. It is very much a psychological and medical disorder. Failing to understand and acknowledge the presence of stress in your life, does not make it go away or make it vanish into oblivion. The results are quite opposite and repetitive ignorance of the presence of stress can cause many problems in life. Eventually, stress may manifest itself in physical symptoms that are visible. Inattention and conscious dismissal of stress often tends to be in vain and can progress to several afflictions that can make daily life very difficult. The origins of stress may be in the mind, but its reach is widespread and can affect the physical, mental and psychological health of an individual.

The immune system and the metabolism get affected by anxiety and stress. This can in turn cause several afflictions of the digestive system, hormones, blood circulation and particularly ailments of the skin. All of us are aware of the fact that imbalances of the blood circulation, hormones and digestive functions directly affect the dermal layer of the skin and can cause symptoms such as stress rash.

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Even though cases of skin rash that are caused by anxiety and stress are widespread, not many of them identify or acknowledge stress as the primary cause of stress rash.

The symptoms, causes and treatment of stress rash are discussed below in detail.

Stress rash symptoms

Some of the signs and symptoms of stress rash are as follows:

  • Stress rash is caused as a negative outcome of stress and can manifest itself in the form of welts or hives on the skin.
  • Even minor quantities of stress can result in the outbreak of stress rash or hives in some people.
  • The stomach, face, back and arms are the areas which are usually affected by the appearance of stress rash and hives.
  • Stress rash may be accompanied by itching, vessel dilation and stress hives.
  • If there are any skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis that are existing, then it can be aggravated by stress and stress rash.
  • In certain cases, the skin may become increasing dry or more sensitive due to stress and anxiety. Stress and stress rash can cause excessive sweating and this may change the skin pH balance, which eventually leader to drier and more sensitive skin.
  • Stress rash can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety to an individual affected by it. Such increase in frustration and stress can worsen the existing case of stress rash, further compounding the problem and thus leading to the development of a vicious cycle.

Causes of stress rash

Stress results in the disruption of metabolism. This leads to the weakening of the immune system. Such a weakened immune system has diminished capacity to defend the body against diseases and infections leading to the development of stress rash.

A slow metabolism rate can curb appetite which prevents the body from extracting sufficient nutrition by from the ingested food. It can also result in abnormal bowel movements that further deplete the availability of nutrients and vitamins for the body as well as unhealthy accumulation of toxin materials in the blood. This can eventually cause a number of skin conditions that include stress rash. Also, the weakened immune system caused due to the lack of nutrients fails to fight the germs, bacteria and other microorganisms that invade the body, thus allowing the uncontrolled propagation of various skin conditions like stress rash.

A lot of cerebral energy is consumed by all types of mental stress such as stress itself, paranoia, depression or anxiety.  Biological regulatory functions thus have depleted resources and they cannot be effectively carried out leading to the development of stress rash.

Stress also results in the disruption of frequencies and rhythms of neurotransmitters that are required to send signals to the endocrine system to secrete specific hormones that are essential in carrying out specific physiological activities. The functionality of the endocrine system is thus affected which causes imbalances in the regulation of hormones. Such disharmony of in the release of hormones can result in the development of stress rash. Disruption of hormone secretions can lead to over-excitement of the sebaceous glands and stress or anxiety causes excessive perspiration. Such a situation becomes apt for the accumulation and attraction of bacteria and dirt, leading to clogging of pores and development of stress rash.

A scenario which has a unique combination of a weakened immune system, slow metabolism and hormone deregulation can result in the development of extreme cases of stress rash

Treatment of stress rash

  • The best way to cure stress rash is to get rid of the causative factor, i.e. stress. This can be achieved by relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Also one should allow sufficient time for the body to recover to normal, healthy conditions.
  • Intake of fiber rich foods and drinking plenty of water will help in the regulation of bowel movements and the mobilization of the digestive cycle. This will assist in the recovery of the body’s metabolic rate to former glory.
  • The itching and burning sensations that accompany stress rash can be alleviated with the use of appropriate topical and oral medications. It is essential to contact a dermatologist before you ingest any drug to cure the stress rash symptoms.
  • The immune system can receive a lot of boost from the intake of antioxidants and specific vitamin supplements. A healthy immune system will effectively fight infections and skin conditions such as stress rash.

Stress rash pictures

Here are pictures of stress related rash

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