Smelly Farts

Smelly farts are one of the most embarrassing incidents that could ever happen to a person, especially during social gatherings. Fart or flatulence becomes smelly due to a variety of reasons. It is also often associated with a number of unpleasant symptoms. Most people fart, and to some point, they expel smelly gas or flatulence. In fact, more than half of the population gives off foul-smelling gas due to certain types of digestive problems.

People with smelly farts will find relief in knowing that there are things that can be done to address foul-smelling farts, and these are not as complicated as one might think. By increasing the consumption of dietary fibers and fluids, unpleasant digestive symptoms could be alleviated, and eventually, so would the bad smell of flatulence.

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Why do people fart?

Farting or flatulence is the act of expelling gas through the anus. People fart as a result of the accumulated gas that was produced by the body from the digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. Farting also occurs due to the air in the blood and swallowed air that leaks into the intestines. Gas buildup within the lower visceral part of the body brings a number of uncomfortable symptoms, and expelling them through farting brings a great deal of relief. Sometimes, however, this comes with a very foul-smelling odor.

Why do smelly farts occur?

There are times when flatulence becomes smelly. This is because the gas contains hydrogen sulfide coming from foods that are rich in sulfur such as eggs, meat, cabbage, cauliflower and onions, to name just a few. These foods render the foul odor that is likened to the smell of a rotten egg. So the more a person consumes sulfur-rich foods, the more hydrogen sulfide will be mixed into the gas which will result to smelly farts.

When do farts become stinky?

Flatulence will take on a putrid odor when:

  • Consuming foods that cause farts to be stinky

There are foods that trigger farting, but not all of them can cause smelly farts. Foods that are known to cause malodorous flatulence include cauliflower, meat, eggs, legumes, cabbages, dairy products, bananas, onions, prunes, radishes and even beverages like dark beer and wine.

  • Suffering from indigestion

When undigested foods reach the large intestine, the harmless bacteria that reside therein break them down which will result in the release of small amounts hydrogen sulfide, which is responsible for giving fart its bad-smelling odor.

  • There are digestive system problems present

Certain kinds of digestive system problems can cause foul-smelling flatulence such as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. People suffering from IBS do not have sufficient stomach acids or enzymes that will break down the food in the stomach. This results in movement of undigested foods into the large intestines where the bacteria break them down. This process of breaking down produces hydrogen sulfide as a by-product and results in the formation of smelly farts. Other digestive problems arise due to improper eating habits and unhealthy diet.

  • Going through certain health conditions

Certain health conditions are responsible for foul-smelling farts such as ulcers, food allergies, gallstones, stomach infections and even lactose intolerance.

  • Swallowing too much air

Ingesting too much air while eating, drinking and even talking causes farting but it only becomes smelly when an individual is suffering from allergies and respiratory problems of some kind.

Smelly farts – females or males ?

Young and adult alike, whether male or female, can give off smelly farts. There are some studies that reveal that men release larger volumes of gas, but women tend to discharge higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in their farts than men. Women are also known to feel more gassy during pregnancy. However, the intensity of the smell of the fart depends on the contributing factors for each individual.

Smelly farts, treatment and prevention

Treatment for smelly farts is pretty simple, and this primarily involves cutting back on the consumption of foods that can cause farts to become stinky and increasing the intake of foodstuffs that prevent foul-smelling flatulence.

  • Reduction of dairy products consumption

Reducing the intake of dairy products like ice cream, cheese and milk prevents the excessive production of gas in the stomach which eventually results to smelly flatulence.

  • Adding fiber to the diet

Fibers aid in cleaning out the digestive system and getting rid of waste from the body regularly and reduce the foul smell of farts.

  • Limiting the intake of carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages introduce air into the stomach and when incorporated with a wrong diet and eating habits, this will definitely result to smelly flatulence.

  • Regulating the consumption of foods causing smelly gas

Foods that can cause farts to become smelly must be consumed in moderation so as to prevent reeking flatulence.

Smelly farts are something people do not want to experience, especially during social gatherings. The treatment is pretty simple though if an individual takes time to examine the foods that make his or her flatulence stinky and practice the right eating habits.

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