Right Side Abdominal Pain

The right side of abdomen is a vital part of the body in comparison to other parts. It contains important organs such as pancreas, appendix, liver, gallbladder, abdominal muscles, right kidney, skin on the right side of body,and right adrenal gland.In case of females two more organs, i.e. right fallopian tubes and right ovary are present. Any injuries or disorders in any of the given above organs may lead to right side abdominal pain.If abdominal pain occurs frequently without proper known cause then it should not be ignored. One should consult a doctor immediately. There could be other causes as well like malfunctioning of the lower part of the right lung, tumor or bowel cancer.

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Symptoms of right side abdominal pain

Signs and symptoms vary depending upon the causes of the right side abdominal pain. Some symptoms are as follows:

  • Vomiting
  • Nauseated feeling
  • Bleeding in the genitals in case of kidney stones
  • Dizziness
  • Bloating
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Severe loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Inflammation of skin
  • Irritation
  • Blockage in appendix
  • Discomfort
  • Pain in urination
  • Fever

Causes of right side abdominal pain

Some probable causes for right side abdominal pain are as follows:

  • Inflammation of appendix: Appendicitis is inflammation of appendix. It is due to a bacterial infection and this could cause pain first in the upper abdomen and then move to lower right side of the abdomen. It is found mostly in teenagers and youth. Here is more information on appendix pain location
  • Kidney stones: Hard phosphate and urate deposits known as kidney stones cause much pain. It happens when such stones do not wash out but remains in the kidneys. If such stones are present in right kidney then it leads to lower right side abdominal pain. It is said to be one of the worst types of pain in humans.
  • Mesenteric lymphadenopathy: Mesenteric lymphadenopathy is similar to appendicitis. It causes cold resulting in lower right side pain in abdomen.
  • Gallstone: When gallstone gets trapped in gallbladder or the canal that drains it, it could cause abdominal pain in the right side and then further spread to other parts of the body like neck, back and right arm.
  • Hernia: Hernia is a bulge or protrusion of a muscle or structure. If it affects any of the right side areas of the abdomen then it leads to pain which could range from mild to severe. Inguinal hernia is common in males. In this type of hernia a loop of the intestines enters the inguinal canal and bulges all the way through a delicate portion in the lower part of abdomen muscles.
  • Testicular torsion: Testicular torsion occurs mainly in men especially in young men. Distress, shock or deformity leads to testicular torsion. In this, spermatic cord twists causing interruption in blood supply to the testicles.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: Ectopic pregnancy is a major cause for right side abdominal pain for pregnant females. It is when a fertilized egg gets placed not in uterus but in any other area of the women’s reproductive system. In many cases the eggs gets stuck in the fallopian tubes resulting in miscarriage. If it occurs in the right fallopian tubes then it causes pain in lower right abdomen.
  • Cholecystitis: Cholecystitis is inflammation of gallstone causing pain in the right side of the abdomen. It usually affects people who are more than forty years of age.
  • Bowel cancer: It is not a common cause for right side abdominal pain. Some of its symptoms are severe pain in abdomen, unsteady bowel habit and loss of weight and appetite. In such a case one should visit a doctor immediately.
  • Some other causes for right side abdominal pain are Diverticulitis, ovarian cancer in females, Crohn’s disease, and uterine fibroids.

Treatment of right side abdominal pain

The first step to take when sharp pain occurs suddenly or repeatedly is to check with a medical expert immediately. Right side abdominal pain can cured if proper effective treatment is taken at the right time. Some treatments are as follows:

  • Appendicitis is treated only through one method called as ‘Appendectomy.’ Antibiotics are advised before and after appendectomy.
  • To treat inguinal hernia 2 surgical methods are used, namely Herniorrhaphy and Laparoscopy.
  • In case of kidney stones, if the stones are small in size then it is cured with the help of medicines. But in severe cases, i.e. if the stones are big,then surgical methods are chosen
  • Ectopic pregnancy can prove to be fatal if not diagnosed and treated soon. Its treatment depends on the location of the fertilized egg. It can either be treated with medicines or via surgery.
  • Surgery is the only method to treat testicular torsion.

Right side abdominal pain of any kind should not be ignored. It could indicate the presence of serious underlying disorders which require immediate treatment.


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