Pregnant with twins week by week

Here is information on being pregnant with twins week by week, including pictures.

Pregnancy in humans last for nine months or 36 weeks. This period is categorized into 3 trimesters. In instances of twin pregnancy, the first two trimesters are the same as with single child pregnancies. Healthy babies are generally nine inches long and weigh about 2 pounds, after the first two trimesters. In case of twin pregnancies, the babies grow faster in the third trimester and hence the mother has to be cared well.

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The first trimester:

It is composed of 12 weeks. Some of the symptoms experienced by the mother with twins include constipation, fatigue, tender breasts, persistent urination, morning sickness, excessive or diminished saliva, nasal clogging, leakage from nipples, breathlessness and increase in the heart rate. Even though the growth rate of the babies’ organs is fast, they are generally 2 to 3 mm long. They weigh 1 gram and are 4 centimeters in length after 8 weeks, and are 20 grams heavy and 9 centimeters long at the end of the trimester.

The second trimester:

It begins in the 13th week, and by the 16th week the babies grow to 4 inches and weigh 120 grams. The babies start to intake food nutrients and the organs start functioning. The fetus makes urine which becomes amniotic fluid. The babies are seven inches long by the 20th week and start making their own amniotic fluid. The wall that shields the fetuses is still thin and fragile. The growth of the babies is almost complete and they start moving with increased frequency. However, the internal organs have not fully grown and they continue to develop with the passage of time. They are 12 inches long and weigh half a pound at the end of the 24 week of pregnancy. Also, at this juncture, the babies add some fat below the skin. The skin gets covered by soft fur-like hair and also forms a coating of vernix caseosa. The heads are bent downwards and the legs and hands are folded to the chest area. The twin babies will kick and stretch to get some space, which may result in some pain for the mother. Some of the symptoms experienced by pregnant mothers in the second trimester include anemia, increased heart rate, bigger abdomen, headaches, discharge from vagina, stretch marks, fatigue, swollen feet, changes in patterns of sleep, increase in appetite, heartburn, diminished urination, curving of the spine, and sexual desire changes.

The third trimester:

It begins after 24 weeks of pregnancy and is the most important one in case of pregnancy with twins. The babies attain a length of 15 inches and weigh three pounds after 28 weeks. The facial characteristics become prominent and there is rapid development of fat under the skin. The babies can move their eyelids and can even detect sound. The babies grow to four pounds by the 32nd week. By the 36th week, the babies have fully grown and are in preparation to come out. The babies are 5 pounds heavy by the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. The develop surfactant which aids the lungs to take the first breath, as well as the final layer of fat. It’s best to admit the mother during the 36th week of twin pregnancy. Some of the symptoms of third trimester include leakage from nipples, bleeding gums, overheating, leg cramps, edema, fetal movements, heartburn, constipation, stretch marks, appetite changes, breathlessness, nasal clogging, carpal tunnel syndrome and sexual desire changes.

Pregnant week by week pictures


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