Noni Juice Benefits

What is Noni ?

Noni is a small plant or a shrub that is harvested in the tropical regions of India, Australia and the Pacific Basin. It bears fruits that are the size of a potato and are either yellow or white in color when ripe. The fruit is used to make noni juice and people consume it as a health supplement. Noni juice is rich in vital nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals and hence the many noni juice benefits are put to use in a number of medical applications. However, individuals who wish to consume noni juice must do so only after consulting a doctor.

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History of Noni

The botanical name for noni is morinda citrifolia and the plant has received a lot of attention for numerous noni juice benefits. Traditionally the natives of the Pacific islands have used noni juice for a variety of purposes that range from its use as a dye for coloring fabrics to its use as a topical medication. In addition to the fruit, the other parts of noni such as leaves, bark, root, flowers and stems are also used to make a number of herbal products.

Health benefits of Noni

  • Noni roots and fruits have a chemical compound called anthraquinones that are useful in the prevention and treatment of cancer. However most of the research about noni juice benefits in cancer treatment is in the initial stages and only validated through animal studies.
  • The antimicrobial properties of noni juice have been found to effectively fight a number of microbial agents
  • Noni juice has ergogenic properties and its consumption can substantially increase the energy levels and also help in fighting fatigue.
  • The antiviral, antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties of noni juice boost the immune system and help in the prevention and treatment of various ailments such as cough, fever, cold, flu, etc.
  • Gout is a type of painful arthritis and is caused due to accumulation of uric acid in the blood. Noni juice has an enzyme called xanthine oxidase, which tends to reduce the production of uric acid and thereby alleviate the painful symptoms of gout.
  • Some studies indicate that noni juice can also be used to treat a variety of health conditions such as gastric ulcers, muscle aches, headaches, depression and blood circulation problems. Noni consumption has a favorable affect on the body as it tends to repair the damaged cells.

Noni Side Effects

  • Noni is high in sugar and hence diabetics should avoid its intake. Pregnant or nursing women should also avoid noni juice as its effects on the baby are unknown.
  • Excessive consumption of noni juice can raise the levels of potassium and sugar in the body.
  • Noni juice has an offensive taste and odor and hence you may sometimes gag or vomit while consuming it
  • There have cases of liver damage due to noni juice intake.

Noni – Nutritional information

For every 100 grams, here is the nutritional information in Noni

Calories 15.3

Trans fat <0.1 g

Saturated fats <0.1 g

Sodium 10.5 mg

Total fats < 0.1 g

Total carbohydrate 3.4 g

Dietary fiber <0.2 g

Sugars 1.49 g

Protein 0.43 g

Vitamin A <5 IU

Vitamin C 33.65 mg

Calcium 10.1 mg

Moisture 95.67 g

Ash 0.54 g

Dextrose 1.17 g

Lactose <0.10 g

Sucrose <0.10 g

Fructose 0.32 g

Maltose <0.10 g

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