Mucus Threads in Urine

Mucus threads in urine appear when someone suffers from some kind of infection. Affected individuals will notice that their urine appears cloudy. These mucus threads cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they do appear like small ribbons when viewed under a microscope. Mucus in urine is considered normal if found in small amounts only and disappears in a couple of days.

The treatment for mucus threads in urine differ in every individual, depending on the underlying cause. The condition can be treated with appropriate medication or home care remedies. It is important for the patient to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water to clear the urinary system. Sufferers will also do well and recover quickly if they continue to strengthen their immune system.

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What is the role of mucus in the human body?

The mucus membrane releases a thick and sticky substance known as mucus. It can be found on the interior wall of the colon, lungs, uterus and urinary tract. The mucous membranes act as tissue covering of these organs. They produce mucus to facilitate easy passage of fecal matter and other substances. Also, mucus protects the passageway against irritation and from sustaining damage. In the urinary tract, this sticky substance appears like threads, crystals and fluids.

Why do Mucus threads in urine occur?

Mucus threads in urine is a natural occurrence when found in small amounts. The mucus is produced by the mucus membrane to protect the inner surface of the urinary tract from sustaining harm caused by urine. Urine is highly acidic and this makes the interior wall of the urinary tract susceptible to irritation and damage. However, mucus in urine becomes alarming when found in large amounts. This occurrence could indicate that the urinary tract is irritated and this could be due to:

  • Infection

Bacterial infection is the primary cause of mucus in urine. The infection could happen anywhere in the urinary system like the bladder, kidneys, ureters and urethra. Affected individuals often feel discomforting pain when urinating.

  • Kidney stones

The presence of mucus in the urine could also be due to kidney stones. The stones could be found not only in the kidneys but on the urinary tract as well. Affected individuals notice that their urine has a foul-smelling odor with a dark-yellow tinge. They also feel some abdominal pain and cramping.

  • Sexually transmitted Disease

The urinary tract could become irritated as a result of bacterial invasion which would make the urine appear yellow and cloudy. The offending bacteria could be Chlamydia or gonorrhea which could cause STD.

  • Ulcerative Colitis

Irritation of the urinary tract system could also be caused by ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis occurs as a result of inflamed mucous membranes in the intestine. The inflamed mucous membrane will release yellow mucus which gathers in the urethra and result in cloudy urine.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This gastrointestinal problem is another culprit of mucus in urine. IBS is a result of temporary damage in the large intestine. The mucous membrane in the large intestine releases excessive amounts of mucus which collects into the urethra and appear in the urine.

  • Cancer

Lastly, mucus in the urine could indicate serious medical conditions like cancer of the bladder. People suffering from this condition releases cloudy urine which is a visible representation of mucus.

What are the effects of Mucus threads in Urine?

The presence of mucus threads in urine is a forewarning that something is wrong in the urinary tract system. Suspecting individuals should consult the doctor immediately to have their urine examined especially if cloudy urine comes with other unpleasant symptoms like frequent urination, painful sensation when passing urine and blood-tinged urine. Urinalysis will confirm the presence of mucus threads which make the urine yellow in color and cloudy. Treatment is designed based on the underlying cause.

How to get rid of Mucus threads in Urine

There are several ways to get rid of mucus in urine, and these vary depending on the underlying cause. This may simply involve making some dietary changes or taking the appropriate medication.

  • Avoiding foods that could irritate the bowel

There are foods that could irritate the bowel and result in IBS. These foods should be avoided to prevent further irritation.

  • Taking antibiotics

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics if the mucus in urine is caused by bacterial infection. Antibiotics work in destroying the offending bacteria, thereby reducing the irritation in the mucous membranes. Affected individuals usually go through a 7-day medication with the doctor-prescribed antibiotics. Some may have to take antibiotics medication for 2 weeks as in the case of STD.

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs

The doctor may treat threads mucus in urine by prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs. These medications are prescribed to those who are suffering from ulcerative colitis. Anti-inflammatory drugs aid in assuaging the inflammation in the mucous membrane which caused the excessive mucous production.

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