MSM – Benefits, Side Effects

What is MSM ?

MSM stands for methyl sulfonyl methane. It is a product of DMSO, which naturally occurs in cow’s milk, vegetables, fruits, plants and grains.

MSM powder is nutritional supplement which can be consumed for various health benefits such as control of pain and inflammation, allergy alleviation and for other health conditions.

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MSM has been consumed by human beings from the late 70s. It has very low levels of toxicity. DMSO consumption tends to cause a side effect of a fishy smell in the mouth and an extremely bad aftertaste. This is not the case with MSM powder consumption

MSM can be found in various forms such as powder, capsules or topical creams. MSM powder can be added to any beverage or liquid and then consumed. MSM powder tends to absorb better at higher temperatures. One should usually start out with the lowest possible dose of MSM powder, as its overdose can cause side effects. Also, its consumption should be supervised as the body has the capacity to build up tolerance to MSM powder.

History of MSM powder

Many studies have been conducted to find out the benefits, the sources and the side effects of MSM consumption. The pioneers of such research work are Robert Herschler, a biochemist, and Stanley W. Jacob.

It has been mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration that the marketing of all drugs with MSM as an ingredient and all claims about the therapeutic uses of MSM powder has to be approved by them. Research work about the possible benefits of MSM powder and its use in the treatment of different conditions, is still an ongoing process on animals as well as humans.

Health benefits of MSM powder

  • MSM powder has the ability to pass through cell membranes and hence can be used to transport other drugs into the body
  • Studies suggest that MSM powder has analgesic properties and hence can be consumed for pain alleviation
  • It promotes cortisol activities and hence can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also suppresses increased manufacture of fibroblasts, thereby preventing the formation of scar tissue and easing inflammation. Scarring from old wounds can also be reduced by MSM powder intake.
  • It has cosmetic benefits such as strengthening of nails and hair as well as increasing the skin softness.
  • MSM powder suppresses the activities of Cholinesterase, which is an enzyme responsible for constipation and for inhibiting the passing of increased number of impulses from one nerve to some other nerve cell.
  • It contains anti-parasitic abilities which can be employed to control diarrhea
  • Its consumption also facilitates the easing of muscle spasms
  • MSM powder has capacity to act on the immune system and improve its overall abilities. Hence, it can be used to delay conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc., and to curb diseases like lupus, scleroderma, etc.
  • It helps to increase the energy levels and improves the flow of blood in the body.

Side effects of MSM powder

  • Increased intake of MSM powder can cause thinning of blood.
  • Increased consumption can also result in gastrointestinal conditions like diarrhea and other problems such as rashes and headaches.

MSM Powder – Nutritional information

A single serving of MSM powder can give:

  • 165.6 mg of Calcium
  • 184.5 mg of vitamin C
  • 105.4 mg of Magnesium
  • A Combination of potassium bicarbonate and bioflavonoids
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