Maculopapular Rash-Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What are Maculopapular Rashes?

Appearance of red flat spots on the skin may make you worried, but this may be Maculopapular Rash, which is common condition among US population. Maculopapular rashes are also scientifically referred to as HIV rashes. Maculopapular Rash is a type of skin disease that is characterized through certain skin region turning red. People who are affected with this condition may show both condition macules as well as papules on their skin. The term Maculopapular is derived from two different words macules and papules. Macules is a condition wherein non- elevated, discolored, small regions appear on the skin. In case of papules small, protruded bumps are seen on the skin.

How does Maculopapular rash look ?

Maculopapular Rashes may appear to be similar to any general skin eruptions that may be symptoms of disorder such as syphilis, Scarlet fever or measles. It may also appear to be similar to heat rashes. Maculopapular skin irregularities may also resemble rashes that are experienced in ‘Fifth disease’. Usually these rashes are reddish, elevated or non- elevated skin regions which may probably change its color in later stage of the disorder. Such bumps on skin are also referred to as Erythematous (which means red).

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Location of Maculopapular Rash

Maculopapular rashes may appear on different skin regions of the body. Maculopapular rash may appear on your torso. These rashes may also be seen on facial skin regions and neck. In case of children these rashes are commonly seen on palms and soles.

Symptoms of Maculopapular rash

It should be known that Maculopapular itself is a sing or symptoms of various physical glitches (diseases or disorders). However, here are some associated symptoms:

  • Measles: Measles are also distinguished through the occurrence of Maculopapular rashes. In some cases Maculopapular rash is also accompanied with fever or increased body temperature. The affected person may experience high fever measuring approximately 104° Fahrenheit. In some cases the rashes may start developing post high fever. These rashes are usually reddish in color but later it may change its color and appear to be brown which may disappears after some days and the rash may perhaps turn discolored. It is believed that Maculopapular rashes and fever are associated in most cases of the disorder. The symptoms may appear to be prevalent in many kinds of fever, these are mentioned below.
  • Scarlet fever: People who suffer from scarlet fever may start experiencing Maculopapular rashes on skin after approximately 2 to 3 day from the time of affliction of fever. These rashes may ebb away after approx three to four days. The affected skin region or rashes may also peel away after sometime, probably after few weeks
  • Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever: In case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever the rashes may start appearing in about 5 days from the affection of fever. Remember that this kind of fever should not be taken lightly, it is highly severe and may also lead to death. It is recorded that approximately 25% Marburg hemorrhagic fever affected individuals die of this fever.
  • Typhus Fever: Maculopapular rashes may also be experienced in case of Typhus fever. Typhus is a disease which is caused due to lice in body which may lead to high fever as well as skin eruptions.

Causes of Maculopapular Rashes

There are several diseases that may lead to occurrence of Maculopapular rashes. Some of these major diseases are:

  • Epstein- Barr- Virus:
    This is virus which is found in animals. Such viruses are said to be associated with cancer and are usually found in countries such as Africa as well as China. When this virus afflict human it may cause painful blisters on the skin including Maculopapular rashes.
  • Syphilis:
    Syphilis is an infectious condition of chronic nature; it may also lead to ulcerous Maculopapular rashes. Patient with prevalence of Maculopapular rash syphilis are normally treated with a regimen of penicillin.
  • Scabies:
    This is a contagious infection which causes symptoms such as itchiness as well as irritation of the skin.
  • Dengue:
    Dengue is a popular physical anomaly which usually causes fever. This condition is an extremely infectious tropical disease which usually starts due to mosquitoes. The condition may cause headache, pain in the joint as well as skin rashes.  In most cases of Maculopapular rashes dengue is found to be chief cause of the condition.
  • Drugs:
    Maculopapular rashes may also appear due to side effects from drugs. Drugs causing such rashes may Cefoperazone Sodium and Cefobid. Amoxicillin as well as antibiotics are also equally responsible for causing Maculopapular rashes

Treatment of Maculopapular rash
Treatment of Maculopapular rashes may greatly depend of the symptoms as it is usually focused or alleviating symptoms. Curing Maculopapular rashes starts with curing the physical condition that is causing the rashes.

  • For example is these rashes are  caused due to Mild cases of dengue then intravenous or oral medicines are used for rehydration. In case of severe dengue blood transfusion is suggested by doctor in order to cure the disease.
  • If these rashes are occurred due to drugs such as mentioned above, then just by ceasing the use of such medicines and alleviating symptoms may help in curing the rashes
  • In case of Epstein- Barr- viral infection the affected individual is prescribed with painkillers. He or She is also suggested to take rest and consume lot of fluid in order to rehydrate the body. Rapid recovery from the condition may also help in getting rid of Maculopapular rashes.

Though there are several suggested treatments for Maculopapular rashes it is always better to first identify the root cause. This can be done through appropriate diagnosis based on a certified doctor’s instruction. According to the result of these tests your doctor may suggest you medicine to help you get rid of Maculopapular rashes.

Maculopapular Rash Pictures

Check out Maculopapular rash and HIV Rash pictures on neck, leg, hands and upper back


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