Heat Rash Treatment for Adults

Heat rash in adults is a skin infection caused due to clogging of sweat ducts. The perspiration gets trapped below the surface of the skin due to any kind of sweat gland obstruction. This leads to formation of heat rash  which appears in the form of blisters or red colored bumps.The symptoms of heat rash in adults include reddish bumps or blisters, lesions, and itchiness. Mild cases can be treated by staying indoors in cool environment, whereas severe cases should be treated with topical steroids. Heat rash usually affects children but adults can also be affected,especially during the hot season. The rash causes itchy and prickly sensations.Hence, it is often referred to as prickly heat rash or miliaria.

Symptoms of Heat Rash in Adults

Heat rash  can erupt in any part of the body. Usually it occurs where the skin rubs against clothes, and in the areas with skin folds. It occurs on the shoulders, chest and neck; also it may appear on groin, elbow folds, or in the armpits. There are 3 kinds of heat rash in adults with different distinctive symptoms. They are as follows:

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Miliaria crystalline:

  • Miliaria crystalline is the mildest type of heat rash in adults. The sweat glands that are in the topmost layer of the skin are affected by this kind of heat rash.
  • It leads to tiny, visible blisters. It may also cause small lumps which later crack very easily on its own.
  • It vanishes on its own without any treatment. Also, it does not pain or cause itchiness but can occur again during hot weather. Infants and children are more vulnerable to such type of heat rash than adults.

Miliaria rubra:

  • The outer cover of the skin, also called as epidermis, is affected by this kind of heat rash. Miliaria rubra occurs deep inside the skin. People who are hospitalized for a long time and advised bed rest, or those who are exposed to excess heat,can experience this type of heat rash. Individuals who spend long time in humid and hot weather have high chances of developing this form of heat rash adults.
  • It results in itchy and prickly sensations
  • Rashes could lead to decreased, or no sweating.
  • It could also cause red bumps to appear on the skin.

Miliaria profunda:

  • It is an uncommon type of heat rash. It occurs only on those people who have suffered from regular cases of miliaria rubra. The sweat ducts inside the skin in the dermis are affected. Exhausting, tiring exercises or activities that increase sweating, can lead to increased risk to develop miliaria profunda.
  • Skin colored lesions may appear. They are firm and look like goose bumps.
  • Decrease in sweating could lead to heatstroke. This results in symptoms like dizziness, increased blood pressure, nauseated feeling, headache, and increase in heartbeat.

Causes of Heat Rash Adults

When sweat glands or ducts become clogged, the sweat remains under the surface of the skin. This results in trapping of perspiration under the skin. This eventually leads to development of heat rash adults. It could be in the form of red bumps or blisters. Most of the rashes can be treated at home. It is necessary for the affected person to take steps like staying indoors in cool temperatures, avoiding accumulation of sweat, etc. This way the rashes will be cured easily and completely. If the rashes are severe then medical help is advised.

The sweat ducts could get blocked due to the below given reasons:

  • Strenuous exercises or physical activities leads to excess sweating; this in turn clogs the sweat ducts resulting in development of heat rashes.
  • The sweat ducts of infants are not fully developed and are more exposed to bursting. A ruptured sweat duct can cause perspiration to remain clogged under the skin. It could be due to high fever;heavy or excess clothing; when they are placed in incubators; or after exposure to hot and humid weather conditions.
  • Excess use of creams or skin ointments could also block the sweat ducts.
  • Tight clothes, or use some fabrics that block perspiration, can in turn increase the chances of development of heat rash adults.

Treatment of Heat Rash in Adults

Heat rash in adults can be treated easily if below listed precautions and measures are followed. The precautionary steps include:

  • In mild cases the person suffering from heat rash in  adults should limit heavy physical activities, stay indoors in cool environment and wear loose clothes. This will cool the skin and maintain the body temperature, and also avoid excess sweating.
  • In moderate cases, topical drugs can be taken. This reduces itchiness and clears the sweat ducts.
  • To treat severe cases of heat rash, topical steroids should be taken. Medical help is advised.
  • People suffering from moderate and severe cases of heat rash in adults should also follow the necessary precautionary measures given above.

Heat Rash in Adults – Pictures

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