Eczema on Lips

Eczema is a common disorder of the skin. This condition can affect anyone and at any stage including infants. There are many conditions of eczema and include contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. When eczema advances in your skin, it may not be easy to treat.

The condition is characterized by inflammation of the skin and formation of small blisters that are raised from the skin (lesions). The skin condition occurs in successive stages from the onset of the rashes, reddening of skin, swelling, papules formation, crusting of skin, and scaling. Eczema of the lips affects the skin around the lips.

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Causes of eczema on lips

There are different conditions, which can cause eczema on lips, and they include dry skin. Other causes are aging, licking of lips and sun exposure. In addition, people may suffer eczema of lips if they develop allergic reactions due to use of certain drugs, if they experience dehydration or take hot baths.

The leading cause of eczema on lips is presence of dry skin. People who have dry skin are likely to experience more dryness as they age. Environmental conditions also play a role in causing eczema of lips and this is because they cause the dry of skin. If the humidity is low such as during winter, the skin is likely to become dry and thus being exposed to eczema condition.

Certain lifestyle activities such as taking hot baths, using blowers and heaters for an extended time may lead to dry skin on lips, which may contribute to eczema of lips. If you have a habit of licking your lips, this could make them dry thus exposing yourself eczema.

Smoking, exposure to sunlight, dehydration and allergies to skin products and cosmetics may also increase the chances of suffering eczema of lips. In addition, some medication like those used to treat acne may also cause eczema of lips.

Treatment of eczema on lips

There are many ways you can manage eczema of lips and they may work differently for different people. To treat eczema on lips, it is important that you avoid substance and conditions, which may irritate lips. In addition, you also need to avoid conditions or habits, which may make the lips dry.

The most effective treatment of eczema of lips is averting things, which could irritate the lips. There are foods that may irritate lips such as acid items. These need to be avoided. In addition, certain cosmetic products, which may cause allergies on skin around lips, should also be avoided.

Items containing sodium laurel sulfate and hand wash products need also be averted. If you suffer eczema of lips, you can use essential oils, which increase the response of eczema treatment. In addition, patients may also apply petroleum jelly or lip moisturizers to keep the lips moist and protect them from further damage.

Non-prescription cream, which contains hydrocortisone, may be used to treat eczema. This cream product reduces itching, redness and inflammation. If eczema has caused blisters, you may require antibiotics to reduce bacterial infection. Moreover, antihistamine drugs may be taken to counter symptoms like itching, scratching, and inflammation.

Shea butter is a home remedy for relieving symptoms of lips eczema and it can be applied on the skin to keep the lips moist. Moisturizing the lips helps in reducing irritation, which can cause further damage on the skin. If the skin is scratched due to itching, it may be exposed to bacterial infection and this is why presence of blisters should be countered with antibiotics.

Oatmeal bath is another home-based remedy, which can be used to relief symptoms. If you take oatmeal baths three times every week, you could manage the symptoms of lips eczema. When using natural and home remedy to treat eczema of lips, it is important that you consult a dermatologist to determine if the treatment option is best you.

One thing you need to know is that a treatment option that may work for one patient might not necessarily work for you. However, with help of a dermatologist, you can get tips on the best treatment product that can work for you.

If upon using a particular treatment option you do not get good response, you need to visit a doctor before you switch to any other medication. If you are using more than one medication or remedy, you also need to discuss this with a dermatologist. It is essential that you avoid aspects, which could lead to dryness of lips as this may make them susceptible to eczema.

In addition, you should avoid scratching or scrubbing itching parts of the lips as this could lead to development of blisters, which may rapture and expose the body to secondary infection. Keeping the skin moist as well as avoiding products that may cause allergies, could go a long way in minimizing the symptoms of lips eczema.



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