Ears feel clogged ?

The presence of imbalance in the ear pressure can result in clogged ears. Such an imbalance can be caused due to many reasons. When the ears become clogged, the affected individual will feel pain in the ears, sensations of an object in the ear, loss of some hearing capability, and sounds or sensations of clicks in the ear.

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Causes of clogged ears

Some of the major causes of clogged ears are listed below:

  • Cold: Cold is one of the major reasons for clogged ears. It may be noted that the throat, nose, and ear are connected internally. Hence, individuals suffering from cold are most likely to also experience clogged ears. There is accumulation of mucus in the canal which connects the nasal passage and the ears. On most occasions this canal is closed, but can often open up to maintain the overall pressure. Presence of cold leads to deposition of bacteria and mucus in this canal, which in turn results in severely clogged ears. Impaired hearing and ear pain are some of the main symptoms of clogged ears caused by cold.
  • Wax: Earwax is a yellowish material which is released inside the ear canals. It occurs in all human beings. The main function of earwax is to guard the ear from effects of water, dust, and insects. It also helps in keeping the ear dry and clean. However, earwax is also one of the major causes of clogged ears. During the process of cleaning the wax from the ears, most of us end up pushing it deep within the ear. Over a period of time such pushed wax gets deposited in layers inside the ears, eventually causing the ears to become clogged. A number of problems can result from all the accumulated ear wax. Most doctors are of the opinion that there is no need to clean the earwax, as in most cases the wax eliminates from the ear by itself without our knowledge.
  • Sinus infections: Individuals affected by infections of the sinus are also likely to suffer from clogged ears. The sinuses are tiny openings within the head which allow the passage of fluids and air. These openings can become blocked, swollen, or obstructed due to allergies or cold and the resultant condition is referred to as a sinus infection. The allergic reactions or cold can result in extreme inflammation of the sinuses which in turn causes the Eustachian tube to close up. The Eustachian tube is a canal which connects the nose, ear, and throat.
  • Clogged ears post flying: A lot of individuals suffer from clogged ears after flying in a plane. It may be noted that the middle ear is like an air pocket which is quite vulnerable to alterations in the air pressure. Travelling in a plane involves numerous changes in the air pressure. Such changes are most common during the descent, when the plane moves from an area of elevated pressure to lower air pressure into the atmosphere of the earth. Such quick changes in the air pressure can also result in clogged ears.
  • Other causes: Tinnitus is a condition which is also responsible for clogged ears. Infections of the ear can also lead to clogged ears. Such ear infections can occur due to many reasons including a mosquito or water entering the ear.

Treatment of clogged ears

Clogged ears can be treated in the below listed ways:

  • Inhalation of steam is one of the oldest known ways to clear congestion of the ear and nasal passages. Fill a jug with hot water. Now cover your head with a towel and then inhale the steam. This will aid the movement of mucus which is causing clogged ears and offer relief. In case of pus accumulation and infections, the steam will hasten the process of debris and pus drainage.
  • Clogged ears after flying can be alleviated with extensive yawning and swallowing. In case it does not work, then hold your nose shut with your fingers and then inhale via the mouth. Later, exhale via the ears. This will cause the clogged ears to pop open. People who often suffer from clogged ears during air travel can opt for ear plugs which provide relief from ear pressure, and also act as a preventive option.
  • Ear infections can be treated with oral antibiotics or ear drops. The use of such medicines will help in drainage of the pus and restricting the infection.
  • Decongestant nasal sprays and/or oral decongestants can be used to treat blocking or clogging of the sinuses. These medicines reduce the manufacture of mucus, thereby decreasing the discomfort and clogging of the ears and the nose.

In case the above treatments do not have a remedial effect on clogged ears, then you should contact a doctor. It is also very important to consult your health care provider in case of discharge or bleeding from ears, as it could be a symptom of some other grave disorder.

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