Clear Watery Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharges could serve as a window to a woman’s health, and clear watery vaginal discharge is among them. This type of vaginal discharge is completely harmless and its amount and consistency differs from one woman to another. Clear watery discharge shouldn’t be a cause of alarm as long as there are no other disturbing symptoms and it doesn’t smell bad. A foul-smelling clear vaginal discharge, on the other hand, warrants a consultation with a doctor.

Generally, treating clear watery vaginal discharge is not necessary because it is a natural phenomenon that will resolve on its own. Even so, something could be done to manage it to help the woman feel more comfortable. However, when the vaginal discharge smells bad, the best course of action is to visit the doctor for the correct diagnosis of the cause and suitable treatment.

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What does clear watery vaginal discharge signify?

Clear watery discharge appears during a certain phase of the woman’s menstrual cycle and her child-bearing years. It is usually noted before the woman’s period starts. In addition, pregnant women report clear vaginal discharge during the initial stages of their pregnancies.

So what do these discharges mean during these varying stages?

  • Before menstruation

Clear watery vaginal secretions before menstruation is the result of vaginal cleansing. The vagina is a self-cleansing organ, and bacteria, debris and dead cells in the uterus are cleared through vaginal discharges. Steroids, birth control pills and certain medications can affect the consistency and amount of clear watery discharge. Heavy exercise had been found to increase the amount of clear discharge.

  • During pregnancy

Clear vaginal discharge is also common during pregnancy, especially during its early stages. This is because pregnancy causes the estrogen levels to rise. Moreover, increased blood flow towards the vaginal region also leads to clear watery discharge. Clear watery discharges help prevent infections from harming the developing fetus.

When does clear watery vaginal discharge become cause for worry ?

Something is wrong when the clear vaginal secretion appears with bad smell and uncomfortable symptoms like itchiness, burning sensation and redness on the vaginal region. Some of these problems include:

  • Bacterial vaginitis

Women with bacterial vaginitis can experience a variety of discharges, including foul-smelling clear discharge.

  • Trichomoniasis

This is a form of sexually transmitted disease which causes more watery clear vaginal discharge.

Remedies for clear, watery vaginal discharge

Nothing can be done to stop clear watery discharge from flowing out. However, there are some steps that can be taken to manage it and help women feel more comfortable.

Still, all women should always remember that smelly watery discharge needs proper evaluation and appropriate treatment. Self-medication is highly discouraged to avoid causing additional problems. The doctor will determine the causative agent and prescribe the right medication. He or she may recommend the woman’s sexual partner to get tested as well for STD to ensure that the patient won’t get re-infected, if STD is the proven cause.

Other means to manage clear watery vaginal discharge include:

  • Wearing panty liners to soak up the discharge
  • Limiting douching to maintain the normal pH in the vagina
  • Changing birth control pills
  • Opting for fragrance-free bathroom tissues
  • Wearing cotton underpants
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