Bright Yellow Mucus

Bright yellow mucus can indicate the presence of an active and possible healthy immune system response to attack by viruses, bacteria or an inflammatory allergen. One may visit a doctor to find out the cause of bright yellow mucus and for treating it.

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Bright yellow mucus is commonly caused due to colds, bronchitis, sinus infections and flu. It can also be caused due to an allergic reaction to certain substances occurring in the patient’s environment. Nasal polyps or excessive dryness in the air can also result in bright yellow mucus in some individuals. Occasionally, infection by Candida can lead to development of bright yellow mucus in the nasal passages.

Mucus is constantly produced by the sinuses. It is a material used to defend the body against infections and for moistening the air that an individual breathes in. The inhaled air is also cleaned by the yellow mucus occurring in the nasal cavities, thereby maintaining the overall health of the region. Mucus, in certain quantities, is also required to trap bacteria, dust or other substances that may result in abnormalities of the nasal passageways

It may be noted that occasionally phlegm is mistaken for mucus. However, the two are quite different. Mucus is manufactured in the sinuses, nasal cavities, the lining of the trachea, the bronchial lining and the lining of the bronchioles. However, phlegm is manufactured only in the lungs. When one coughs up phlegm, then it may signify the occurrence of a severe underlying medical disorder.

It is important to consult a health care provider in cases of increased amounts of bright yellow mucus that lasts for over a period of one week.

  • Patients should avoid the use of nasal sprays to resolve issues of bright yellow mucus. This is because they generally tend to provide temporary relief, but can end up damaging the cilia and aggravating the nasal congestion.
  • The infections responsible for bright yellow mucus can be treated with the use of antioxidants which boost the immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables, all the types of berries, etc. are the known sources of naturally occurring antioxidants
  • Steam inhalation is considered as one of the best ways to resolve cases of bright yellow mucus clogging the nasal passageways. One can add certain herbs to the boiled water to enhance the treatment process. A few herbs include lobelia, coltsfoot, comfrey, mullein, elecampane, ephedra, lungwort, eucalyptus, fennel, fenugreek, horseradish, licorice, peppermint, pleurisy root, thyme, and vervain.
  • Intake of plenty of plain water can also aid in alleviation of bright yellow mucus conditions. It may be noted that water occurring at room temperature does not need to be warmed by the body, as is the case with cold water, and hence can immediately begin the process of hydrating the body. The additional quantities of water in the body can help in thinning of the bright yellow mucus and thus facilitate its easier removal from the body.
  • Water compresses in the areas affected by sinus can also help in the breakdown of bright yellow mucus, thereby facilitating its easier and natural discharge. One can also use the compress on the lower forehead, just over the eyebrows. The compresses should not be hot, but just warm enough. The areas below the eyes should not be subjected to treatment with these compresses.


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