Breast pain before period

Breast pain refers to a condition where they are tender or uncomfortable when touched. It generally tends to occur prior to menstrual periods and may develop along with swelling and soreness. Breast pain before period is thought to be normal when it occurs for a certain time frame and to a certain level. The end of the menstruation generally results in end of the breast pain. It is important to know about the various causes of breast pain before periods, when its occurrence if fairly regular

Causes of breast tenderness before period

  • Imbalance in the levels of the reproductive hormones, i.e. progesterone and estrogen, is generally considered as the primary cause of breast pain before period. There is constant fluctuation of the above mentioned hormones at the time of menstruation and is often accompanied by various symptoms such as sore and tender nipples and breasts.
  • Increased retention of water due to ovulation is considered as the main cause of the symptoms. The breast skin tends to stretch due to collection of water in the breast tissues, which eventually results in increased tension of the non-stretched breast tissues, leading to breast pain before period.
  • Also, the estrogen levels can increase to abnormal levels at the time of peri-menopause in a few women. This condition id referred to as estrogen dominance, which results in excessive soreness and tenderness of the breasts and can cause pain even at the slightest touch. The advent of peri-menopause may be considered as one of the possible causes of breast pain before period in middle aged women. The breast pain before period may be exacerbated by the intake of colas, coffee or other such beverages that contain methylxanthine. This chemical in such beverages triggers blood vessels dilation resulting in the distention of breast tissues.

Treatment and remedies for breast pain before period

  • It is important to note that breast pain before period may also be the cause of an underlying serious condition such as breast cancer. Hence, it is essential to consult a doctor if one experiences severe breast pain before period.
  • Once the doctor determines that the cause as pre-menstrual syndrome, then the affected women can follow the steps listed below to ease the symptoms of breast pain before period:
  • Indulge in regular exercising and avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Use a bra that provides full support for the breasts. Padded bras are a good option for extremely sensitive and tender breasts
  • The diet should be somewhat high ion fiver and low in fat. This will not allow the increased stimulation of the breast tissues by estrogen and also aid in restoring the estrogen levels to normal, which in turn will eventually lead to lesser breast pain before period.
  • The tender breasts can be comforted with the aid of a cold or hot compress, as per the choices of the affected women
  • Intake of pain killer drugs can also help in relieved the discomfort that accompanies pain in breast before period

The above home remedies can assist in relieved the pain and distress. Visit a doctor, if the breast pain before period continues for alternative treatment methods.

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