Bad taste in mouth

There are many instances when we have a bad taste in the mouth and which can rarely be described. The bad taste in mouth has a weird flavor which sometimes tastes like metal. All of us want to get rid of it as soon as possible. But, other than brushing your teeth, we do not know of other solutions to bad taste in mouth.

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The best way to treat bad taste in mouth is to know about the various causes. Once you become aware of the causes, there a number of remedies that you can follow to get rid of that awful taste that lingers in your mouth.

When you have a bad taste in the mouth that lingers for a while, it can result in frustration and irritation. A bad taste in the mouth can be disgusting and can lead to a loss of ability to taste things. A bitter taste in the mouth may also make people lose their want for food. This is because the bad taste in mouth can prevent us from tasting or enjoying tasty cuisines.

There are many reasons for a bad taste in mouth. Some of the reasons include bacterial infections, respiratory abnormalities or problems of the oral cavity such as dental or gum defects. Certain kinds of diseases as well as intake of medications and prescriptions drugs can also leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

In case, the bad taste in the mouth is chronic and persists for an entire day, then it could indicate a liver problem. In such a scenario it’s best to visit a doctor for diagnosis and effective treatment.

Causes of bad taste in mouth

Some of the probable causes of bad taste in mouth are discussed below:

  • Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or the acid reflux sickness is another key cause for bad taste in mouth. When one is affected by the condition, then the juices and acids present in the individual’s stomach are pushed up, back into the throat. This results in the bitter experience as well as bad taste in the mouth, especially while eating. The common causes of acid reflex sickness are consumption of spicy and fatty foods, over-eating as well as bad eating habits with irregular timings. Some other signs of the sickness include bad breath, gas, sore throat, indigestion, bloating, queasiness and headaches.
  • Dental abnormalities: Infections of the gum, gingivitis, gum diseases, pyorrhea and tooth abscesses are some of the common reasons for a bad taste in mouth. The bitter taste can also be caused due to the presence of oral ulcers. Some individuals may be allergic to dental fillings or dental treatment itself and this could be another reason for a lingering bad taste in mouth.
  • There are certain types of medications that leave a bad taste in the mouth. Oral bitterness may be caused by several drugs such as prenatal vitamins that are given to expectant mothers, antidepressants that are used to treat depression and anxiety related ailments as well as some common types of antibiotics.
  • Individuals who do not maintain a good personal oral hygiene and regularly skip brushing their teeth are vulnerable to the build-up of bacteria, germs and plaque in the mouth. This can lead to the development of a bad and bitter taste in the mouth
  • Individuals who are affected by diseases such as cancer, diabetes, jaundice and failure of the kidney or liver may also regularly experience a bad taste in the mouth
  • Metal poisoning such as lead toxicity or mercury poisoning can also cause a bad taste in the mouth.
  • Women who experience hormonal imbalances during pregnancy or menstrual periods such as a rapid increase in estrogen levels can also be affected by bad taste in mouth.

Other causes of bad taste in the mouth include the following:

  • Surgeries of the throat, nose or ear
  • Infection of the upper respiratory system or the middle ear
  • Contact with pesticides and other such chemicals
  • Radiation therapy directed at the head or neck

Treatment for bad taste in mouth

  • Dental problems can be treated by following a good oral hygiene that involves brushing the teeth twice in a day, using floss as well as a strong mouthwash. One may also keep breath mints handy to prevent cases of bad taste in mouth. Regular visits to your dentist for check up as well as a healthy diet will also alleviate the symptoms of bad taste in mouth
  • In case medications are leading to bad taste in mouth, then you may consult your consult your doctor for alternative drugs that do not have this side effect.
  • The effective treatment of the various illnesses will eventually resolve issues of bad taste in mouth that result from their presence.
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